In principle and in accordance with the law and common practice, Bürgisser Avocats requests funds as the commission develops.

Detailed accounts are sent on a monthly basis. They are payable within 30 days.

One consultation lasting no more than one hour is provided at a price of CHF 324.- (VAT included) payable in cash on arrival.

The usual hourly rate is CHF 400.- per hour (plus VAT at 8%). This can be higher or lower depending on the urgency, the legal challenges, the importance of the case, the result obtained and the client's situation.

Furthermore, lawyers are forbidden by law from agreeing with their client, before the outcome of the litigation, to accept a share of the financial proceeds gained instead of their legal fees. They are also not allowed to renounce their legal fees in the case of an unfavourable outcome.

Finally, individuals without financial resources are able to apply to the Legal Aid Service (Place du Bourg-de-Four 3, Building C, PO Box 3901, 1211 Geneva 3) in order to obtain State aid for the payment of legal fees.

In such cases, the lawyer acts once appointed by the court.